Recently, some foreign media reported that Ford will launch automatically driving vehicles with Google, both of them plan to set up the new joint venture company to research and development the autonomous vehicles. It is reported that both of them cooperation specific news will be officially announced at the opening of the January 2016 CES Consumer Electronics Show.


According to foreign media reports, the joint venture set up by Google and Ford will independently to operate, the new company set up will make Google can save more years time and more billions dollars needed for their own automobile automobile manufacturing technology; but for Ford, Google is also very useful for achievements in unmanned technology.


Earlier, media reports, Google parent company Alphabet will take the automatically drive vehicles business into its own, ultimately in urban areas launch the rental car or carpool services compete with Uber. Ford also will begin testing their own autonomous vehicles on the road in 2016. More news about them cooperation, we will continue to focus.


In test, all Ford vehicles are can still use Ford VCM to diagnosis all the system. Ford VCM 2 is a dealer lever diagnostic tool for Ford by using IDS software. It supports WMM and CFR and Rotunda Ford VCM II IDS Scanner works on Ford vehicles till now.


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