About Nissan hatchback car, it will have to mention the Tiida! In 2004 by the Japanese Nissan Tiida production and sales, with economical and practical large space to win market recognition, are sold in many countries. But as in various different places, in Chinese, five door models called hatchback Tiida, while the three sedan four door sedan called the Tiida (Tiida has been discontinued); in the United States and Canada, there was Versa; in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other places are named Latio tiida. 
As a large quantity of models, and there are many problems there. After the maintenance of the master and many owners feedback, old Teana common fault there are roughly four today, Yao will give you briefly, we hope to help the car to buy a car. 
One, hang gear jitter, driving weakness 
Breakdown phenomenon: the vehicle hangs the gear to shake, travel is weak, the acceleration effect is bad. 
Key models: 120 thousand km above the Nissan full range of models of general probability 
Cause of failure: 
1, spark plug aging needs to be replaced 
2, fuel injector failure need to be replaced 
Two, the vehicle starting speed is high can not travel 
Breakdown phenomenon: the vehicle starting speed of 2000 or more, can not travel 
Key models: 20 thousand km above the Nissan full range of models with low probability 
Cause of failure: 
1, speed sensor failure need to be replaced 
Three, before the shock absorber abnormal sound 
Fault phenomenon: turn to the limit, the front of the vehicle shock absorber "bouncing" abnormal sound 
Key models: Nissan full range of models of general probability 
Cause of failure: 
1, the design of the front shock absorber pressure bearing and shock absorber spring movement caused by the need to replace the front shock absorber bearing, and the need to increase the shock absorber bearing and the spring seat between the gasket. 
Detection suggestions: 
1, when the vehicle steering detection found the abnormal sound recording. 
2, the shock absorber external pressure test, the need to check the shock absorber recovery ability. 
3, the chassis to detect damage and aging detection, need flashlight to check the bottom of the spring seat. 
Four, throttle abnormal sound 
Fault phenomenon: the throttle when the car will be issued a "creak" noise. 
Key models: Nissan full range of models of general probability 
Cause of failure: 
1, the tightness of the belt or the belt surface aging, excellent. 
2, the exhaust pipe for the butterfly Tiida interface pad is connected, if improperly installed or loose, then there will be friction sound gas vibration, similar to metal friction sound. 
Sum up: 
The above four can be said to be prone to failure old Teana car, no car is finished, but not all of these models will appear! Of course, there are many owners of old Tiida console feedback noise, starting noise and other problems, so did not encounter these fault friends do not careless, usually the car even more attention. 
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