Driving slowly after days and months multiplying, special vehicles will also appear some small problems. When there are some big problems for special vehicles must find a repair shop repair, this is beyond doubt. For some small problems, special vehicle drivers can solve their own do not have to find a repair shop, but also can save costs. If the car traveling on the highway, suddenly broke down on the halfway, it is a matter of how embarrassing. Special car suddenly appeared five kinds of small problems, special vehicle driver can handle their own emergency, resolve embarrassment.
Valve spring break
Can be taken off the spring, the two section of the broken off, you can use the. If the spring is broken into a number of sections, the cylinder can be in the intake, exhaust valve adjustment screws removed, so that the valve to keep the closed state, so that the special vehicle cylinder to stop working.
Two, leakage of water leakage
According to trachoma size, choose the appropriate size of the electrical fuse, gently hammer to smash his hand into the sand hole, can remove oil spills, Water Leakage.
Three, oil pipe rupture
The pipe burst can be ruptured when clean, soap, cloth or fabric wrapped around the pipe rupture, and tied with wire, then coated with a layer of soap.
Four, fuel tank damage
Motor vehicles in use, found that the fuel tank leak, the oil spill can be wiped clean, with soap or bubble gum on the oil spill, temporarily blocked; with epoxy resin adhesive patch, better results.
Five, inlet and outlet hose rupture
Rupture is available, fabric coated with a layer of soap will be at Water Leakage bandage; such as rupture of large, ruptured hose can be cut off in the middle of a bamboo or iron, and tied with wire.
A good old saying “do it yourself, have ample food and clothing”, learn some basic maintenance special vehicle fault, solve the trouble on the highway. In daily traffic, the special vehicle drivers have to do regular maintenance and inspection of the car, reduce the failure rate of the car.

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